Why I Created Acreage Equines

Every now and then a friend will ask me why I bother spending my free time on the computer posting stuff to complete strangers that at the end of the day really don’t care. I always give them the same answer, “because it’s fun!” I really have enjoyed and continue to enjoy running this site and providing information to my small group of online friends, as well as learning so much from them.

But if I had to narrow it down to a few key points as to why I created Acreage Equines, it would be because of the following.

I Love Horses

love horses

Arabian horses, Canadian Pacers, Mustangs, Mongolian horses, Russian Trotters, etc etc. I love them all! From as far back as I can remember into my childhood, I had a fascination with these majestic creatures. I remember my encounter was with a saddle-less black stallion on my uncles farm.

We had just finished breakfast and my uncle picked me up and said he wanted to show me something, we walked outside and there out in the open, walking around as if on water was this jet black stallion who turned his head towards us as we approached. He walked towards us and my uncle took my hand and pet him. I was initially scared, but the fear quickly dissipated and it’s been nothing but pure love ever since!

I love movies about horses as well, I’ve probably watched every horse movie there is. A few of my favorites are Hidalgo, Flicka, Seabiscuit, War Horse (of course I cried!), The Horse Whisperer, National Velvet, Black Beauty, and honestly I could go on for days!

I Love the Farm

What’s there not to love! The city life is nice and all, but the beauty of the farm outshines all. From a proud rooster screaming his lungs out and giving everyone an early rise and shine (our natural alarm clock) to getting milk and eggs straight from the source, it’s hard to complain once you get used to it.

Many brag about the convenience of the city life, but honestly the farm is not too laborious once you have a good efficient system in place. Plus it helps us stay in shape. There’s also just something inexplicably beautiful about watching your kids run around in the open nature with smiles on their faces interacting with the different animals.

I Love Nature

love the nature

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I’d want to spent my days on the country side. I’ve spent some years in the city, and though I enjoyed it, there was always a part of me that was unfulfilled. I wasn’t the biggest fan of traffic jams, constantly watching out for scams, solicitors every other day, and just all the commotion.

I knew I’d come back to my version of commotion sooner or later, the commotion of the pigs fighting each other to the feeding station. The commotion of the wind as it makes it’s way through an autumn trees branches and slowly picks apart the leaves, sending their once yellowish, orange, and reddish but now brownish bodies slowly floating downwards.

This is my type of life, and I love writing about it. So hopefully I will get a chance to take a break from the informative pieces on horses and write to you guys about the beauty of nature that is abundant around here.

I Love Lending a Helping Hand

helping hand

I didn’t always know my way around. There was a time when I was just a clueless little country gal making all sorts of mistakes. Fast forward a few years, 3 kids, 3 horses, and a husband later, and I like to think I know my way around.

Not to say I’m not always open to learning. Which is ultimately why I started this blog, to share my knowledge with my visitors how ever many or few there be. If I could just help one person out there, I will consider that a success.

Whether it be posts on horse riding, horse care, farming practices, the farm lifestyle, or a post on one of the many other farm animals. I will try to be as transparent and helpful as possible, but I also expect of you guys to keep me in check and if I blunder something, let me know and I will be more than happy to correct. I hope that we become a community and create a repository for future bloggers.

Bye Now!

Hey, really appreciate you stopping by! I hope your journey doesn’t end here and that your horses are plenty. Whatever your goal may be I hope you achieve it and have a blessed and successful journey.